' Canadian Canoes

Kayak Kit Materials and C.N.C. Cut Station Molds

(John Slana in his 17' Endeavour above in TEMAGAMI ,Ontario and,

below,among the Fox Islands chain-Georgian Bay, Ontario)

Early in the building process--making the hull of a 17' ENDEAVOUR (from Bear Mountain Plans)

The HULL of a 17' Endeavour being prepared for the application of fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin)


Below ....Building the deck of the ENDEAVOUR

(our thanks to brothers Peter and David Feindel who built the kayak)



Package of 70 full length strips)



Each kayak will be a reflection of both the strips available to the builder and how they are patterned during construction. In some situations, the overall appearance (particularly if the strips are generally all one colour) can be enhanced by using some distinctly coloured feature strips and/or geometric patterned pieces. Several images here are of canoes but are intended to illustrate the effect colour can have on the appearance.



Item No.
Bead and Cove STRIPS (72 strips) 16' package
$ 1152.00
Bead and Cove STRIPS (72 strips) 17' package
$ 1224.00
Bead and Cove STRIPS (72 strips) 18' package
$ 1296.00
Bead and Cove STRIPS (80) 20' package (True North & Reliance)
$ 1600.00

Extra strips if requested --per strip

$ 14.00
ash/white cedar STEM STOCK (for you to steam bend)
$ 65.00
SHEER CLAMPS cedar 3/4" x 7/8" x your kayak
$ 94.00
SHEER GUARDS white ash 5/16" x 7/8" x 18'
$ 57.00

KING BOARD -no bead or cove 5/16" thick(sprung planking pattern)


KING BOARD bead on two edges for parallel planking


$ 17.00

$ 30.00

pair 48 " (you cut to suit kayak) brass STEM BANDS (optional)
$ 62.00
COVER COMPONENTS * see note below
$ 795.00
SHIPPING TUBE (if by truck or plane)
$ 30.00

C.N.C. cut STATION MOULDS (please scroll down to the bottom of this page for information)

includes: station molds, hull and deck cradles. paper plans

$ 405.00


BASSWOOD accent strip very light almost white coloured--13/16" x 18' sold in pairs only
$ 25.00
GEOMETRIC PATTERN KIT -32 pieces, glued in place by the builder, instructions included, dark central pieces with lighter ends ; all scarf joints precut
$ 165.00
WOOD FLOUR -one bag use to thicken and colour epoxy (stems, gap filling, cockpit coaming) $ 8.00
Bear Mountain PLANS SETS (all kayaks)
$ 110.00
Kayak Ethafoam BULKHEADS pairs for Resolute, Endeavour, True North
$ 70.00
Kayak Ethafoam BULKHEADS (3 pieces) for Reliance
$ 93.00
$ 35.00
CNC cut COCKPIT COAMING kit (6 mm marine ply) 8 pieces standard size and larger paddler size
$ 165.00
CNC cut AFT HATCH Ring (2 pieces) 4 mm marine plywood
$ 109.00
CNC cut BOW HATCH Ring 2 pieces 4 mm marine plywood
$ 89.00
Swell nut LOCK LEVERS for hatch closure 4 required for aft hatch and 3 required for bow hatch
$ 28.00each



W.E.S.T. System 105B Epoxy Resin (2 x 1 gallon cans) --W.E.S.T. System 207 Special Clear Hardener--6 yards 6 ounce x 60" fibreglass cloth (for the deck) --12 yards 6 ounce x 38" fibreglass Cloth (for the hull)--1 set dispensing pumps (3:1 ratio) -- 2 plastic squeeges-- 1 W.E.S.T # 403 thickening fibres --1 W.E.S.T. # 410 thickener for gap filling

NOTE: these amounts work for the 14' Venture, 16'6" Resolute, the 17' Endeavour.


Trim and Hardware Items


This kit allows you to install the pedals so they can act solely as a foot rest and a bracing place when you are paddling. The foot peg CAN be adjusted fore and aft for differing leg lengths. Or, the same kit can be used in conjunction with the STEERING RUDDER Kit. In this situation, the pedals slide fore and aft and the pegs can be adjusted to suit different paddlers.

ONLINE Installation Instruction Booklet Included

$ 118.00




The kit is used in conjunction with the Foot Pedals Kit.

In addition to the main rudder itself, the kit has the stainless cables and plastic cable shrouds, restrainers, and all hardware required to install this unit.

ONLINE Installation Instruction Booklet Included

Small rudder kit $ 205.00

Large rudder kit $ 229.00




Seat and mounting hardware included.

ONLINE Installation Instruction Booklet Included

$ 159.00



These are precut from a 2” thick closed cell foam called PolyPlank. This material is strong enough that a 250 pound person can stand on the EDGE and not break the piece. The bulkheads divide your kayak into compartments so that a tip over will keep the water restricted to the cockpit area. And, should anyone or any thing land on the deck, the bulkhead is a structural component as well. Install with Sikaflex 291 or 3M 5200 Marine Sealant. Installed before the deck and hull are connected into one unit. See KayakCraft for instructions.

Available for: Resolute, Endeavour and True North.XPD models

$ 70.00/pair

THREE bulkheads for the double kayak - Reliance - $ 93.00




COCKPIT COAMINGS (2 sizes) and HATCH RINGS (standard all kayaks)

Once the cockpit opening and the hatch opening(s) have been cut out, there are several ways to create the supportive and necessary surrounding parts.

In KayakCraft, Ted demonstrates a method using sections of wood. Time being a constraint on getting the boat built led us to use a CNC machine to make these parts. The hatch(es) get(s) an upper ring attached to the hatch cover and an identical one epoxied to the underside of the deck. The cockpit coamings come as a total of 8 half pieces and are epoxied to the edge of the cockpit opening in successive layers. The top layer is wider than the others creating a “lip” under which a spray skirt can be secured. There is a standard size and a “big person” size.

The material is marine grade plywood: 4mm for the hatch rings and 5mm for the cockpit coamings.

The complete set includes: 2 rings for the bow hatch and two for the stern and it includes the 8 part group for the cockpit coamings .

Installation Instruction Booklet Included.

A template sheet for the three cutouts is included. These shapes are NOT the same as in KayakCraft or the plans set you may have purchased. We drew new shapes to make it easier to load and unload gear from the hatches.

$ 205.00- standard size cockpit $ 215.00- large size cockpit





These cast metal levers are one of the ways to lock down your hatch(es). In the photo, the handles are in the open position; once flipped down, a fat rubber gasket is forced to swell to a larger diameter when under compression. The ‘swelling’ takes place inside a small hardwood piece epoxied under the deck.

With a foam gasket all around the hatch inner rim, most of the water will stay out of the hatch most of the time!

If your kayak has only an AFT hatch, you need FOUR of these levers-if you have only a BOW hatch you need THREE and, for both hatches it looks like SEVEN.

Priced Individually: $18.00 each



The eye bolts go through the deck and through an under deck stress dispersal piece which should be epoxied in place before the deck and hull are closed. They are permanently secured before the units are joined together. A simple hardwood wood lift handle (7/8” stock) with a 7/16” hole drilled in place before the curve is cut will make moving the kayak easier. The bow and stern end have the eye bolt situated 19” from the end. A piece of strong nylon cord 24” long is used and knotted in such a way that the handle is simple to remove before heading down the highway.

ONLINE Installation Instruction Booklet Included.

Priced Individually: $18.00 each


Deck Bungee Kits (securing items on the kayak deck)

The package: $ 35.00

Look at the image beside the LOCK LEVERS. The eye pads are screwed through to the sheer clamp. Bungee cord is laced across the deck and holds gear such as rain jackets, maps, a spare break-down paddle… Two lengths of ¼” bungee (12' and 14'), 10 eye pads, 20 x 1” #8 brass (or silicon bronze) screws and 2 x 3" heat shrink tube make up this package

Computer Numeric Control



Another kayak setup with the sheer clamps in place.

If accuracy is what you want, consider a set of these station molds.

At present, we carry CNC molds for the 16'6" RESOLUTE and the 17' ENDEAVOUR.

Each mold has the vertical midline and 4" reference waterline engraved along with the station mould number.

Molds are cut from 5/8" thick high density particle board.

Set of CNC molds

$ 395.00

INCLUDES: CNC molds-hull and deck cradles, set of paper plans


Below, a 19'3" TRUE NORTH on its launch day